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Nothing Is Real
17th-Sep-2009 03:27 am
kermit bees
The character journals went all serious on me and Leah, guys.
First, the Doctor pissed off the Master by insinuating that the Master missed him and was affectionate.
And then the Master was EXTREMELY petty and FFFFFFFFFF

Did he (Jacob) NEED to stay in the house though? He kept using the good glasses...

moralsremitted: His home was in ARIZONA. I'm not a COMPLETE bastard to my minions.
Unlike you and some of your COMPANIONS, I might add.
Tell me, did you ever ACTUALLY go back and get that Companion of yours, Miss Smith?
Or that one, the name you keep mentioning and assuming I won't notice...Jamie, was it?

theatricmood:Your door better be dead locked.

And then we were both like "WUT NAO, DOCTAH?!?!" so I wrote out what happened in Skype with tips from Leah. I edited this a LOT. Because most of it was just me waffling about what happened next and Leah going "OH SHIT". I left a small bit of it in so you get the idea. XD


[12:43:19 AM] Leah Masterson: Like, the Doctor bursting into the room and the Master's just sitting at his desk with papers all around

[12:43:44 AM] Leah Masterson: And the Doctor is like, low and growling

[12:44:11 AM] Leah Masterson: "That was uncalled for"

[12:44:13 AM] Leah Masterson: Or maybe not

[12:44:20 AM] Leah Masterson: Because he knows that the Master knows that

[12:44:43 AM] Leah Allcorn: I like how we're not even figuring out what I should say

[12:44:47 AM] Leah Allcorn: But what actually happens

[12:44:49 AM] Leah Allcorn: XD

[12:45:46 AM] Leah Masterson: Let's say at that point, the Doctor has gone through all of how the Master is being an arse for no reason, how he's gone over the top, uncalled for, etc.

[12:45:49 AM] Leah Masterson: In his head

[12:45:50 AM] Leah Masterson: Already

[12:46:03 AM] Leah Allcorn: Ok

[12:46:23 AM] Leah Masterson: So he'd get there and be in a dark place and just growl, "I had no CHOICE."

[12:46:46 AM] Leah Allcorn: dark place?

[12:46:49 AM] Leah Allcorn: Like, mentally?

[12:46:52 AM] Leah Masterson: Yeah

[12:46:58 AM] Leah Masterson: "Are you going to blame the Time Lords? Seems a little bit pointless at this point, seeing as you KILLED them all."

[12:47:03 AM] Leah Masterson: FFFF

[12:47:05 AM] Leah Allcorn: SHIT

[12:48:40 AM] Leah Masterson: And the Doctor, like, actually steps back, reeling a little like he's been physically hit, his fists clenched.

[12:49:04 AM] Leah Masterson: And the Master just SMILES.

[12:51:14 AM] Leah Masterson: "You were going to, though, weren't you, Doctor? Blame them. As if the Time Lords really had any control over you in the end. As if you couldn't have gone back at any time."

[12:51:27 AM] Leah Masterson: The Doctor sees where it's going and is like, "Don't."

[12:51:42 AM] Leah Masterson: Of course, the Master DOES

[12:54:04 AM] Leah Masterson: And he says, "Or was it actually that you were glad to be rid of them and any excuse--"

"Stop," says the Doctor. "Stop NOW."

[12:56:07 AM] Leah Masterson: "Aw," says the Master, doing his fake sympathy face. "It's DIFFICULT, having to face the truth, isn't it?"

"You don't know ANYTHING about it," says the Doctor, between gritted teeth.

[12:56:36 AM] Leah Masterson: (I'm really worried that the only way this can end is with them separating completely, man)

[12:56:44 AM] Leah Masterson: (I'll see where it goes)

[12:56:48 AM] Leah Allcorn: ffffffffff I know

[1:11:25 AM] Leah Masterson: "Oh, don't I?" says the Master and then his face goes serious. "Humans are so fragile, aren't they? And their lives are so brief--"

And the Doctor takes a shuddering breath and quietly says, "I couldn't--" before he remembers who he's talking to but but then it's too late and the Master's gone all gleeful and victorious at him and he laughs and says, "Have you managed to convince yourself that it was for their own good? That they were better in their own times?" The Doctor has gone back to silent helpless rage and the Master waits for him a little bit and when he doesn't respond, he says, "Tell me, Doctor, Jamie. How long do you think he lasted? Back in the aftermath of the Battle of Culloden, thinking about it reasonably, of course, even though I KNOW that's difficult for you, how long was that boy REALLY going to last against the English troops? Against the mass murder of the Jacobites?"

[1:24:23 AM] Leah Masterson: The Doctor looks almost lost at this point and then something snaps into focus. "YOU," he says. "You....there is NO way you could know all this unless you--" He can hardly speak. "NO. You didn't--you..."

"Read your mind?" asks the Master, smirking. "Well obviously. I told you you weren't the best at critical thinking. Or, for that matter, mental guards."

"When..." says the Doctor, seemingly unable to finish his sentences.

"Whenever you're vulnerable," says the Master. "Or when I'm bored. Don't change the subject. Don't try to use this to make yourself into the 'good guy'." Again, he looks deadly serious. "The only difference between you and I is that *I* have accepted what I am. You, Doctor... You hide behind pretense, behind what you view as the moral high ground, behind all your precious human pets." He smiles without any real humour. "And then when it really matters, you lie to them, you destroy their lives for your own pleasure and then *you let them die*."

The Doctor is a tense line, not even able to move, fists clenched and white-knuckled and the Master, still smiling gently, leans forward and says, "Adric."

[1:24:27 AM] Leah Masterson: FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCKF

[1:24:31 AM] Leah Masterson: I DON"T KNOW


[1:25:55 AM] Leah Allcorn: SHIT LEAH. THIS IS SO INTENSE

[1:25:57 AM] Leah Allcorn: OH GOD

[1:26:02 AM] Leah Allcorn: HOW

[1:26:04 AM] Leah Allcorn: THE FUCK

[1:26:11 AM] Leah Allcorn: ARE THEY GOING TO *MAKE UP*

[1:26:14 AM] Leah Allcorn: SHIIIT

[1:26:34 AM] Leah Masterson: The Doctor snaps

[1:27:02 AM] Leah Allcorn: What does he do?

[1:27:03 AM] Leah Masterson: Like, he was starting to hide behind things again

[1:27:10 AM] Leah Masterson: Especially when he found out the Master had read his mind

[1:27:19 AM] Leah Masterson: But he can't even cope any more

[1:27:36 AM] Leah Masterson: So I think at this point he'd just validly try to physically attack the Master

[1:27:51 AM] Leah Masterson: And the MAster wouldn't be expecting it

[1:28:56 AM] Leah Masterson: I think after the Master says Adric there would be a really short but horrible pause

[1:29:06 AM] Leah Allcorn: Just like making a noise, I imagine him. Not like "damn yooou!" or anything

[1:29:13 AM] Leah Masterson: Yeah, just yelling

[1:29:22 AM] Leah Masterson: Like, it's almost a sob

[1:30:01 AM] Leah Masterson: And he lunges at the Master who actually looks surprised

[1:31:08 AM] Leah Masterson: He doesn't actually know what he's going to do when he gets there he just knows that he needs to do something, anything, the Master is hurting him and he can't keep doing it because if he does the Doctor is just going to BREAK.

[1:34:21 AM] Leah Masterson: When he gets there, I think he just bowls the Master backwards in his chair, the Master's head thumping onto the floor and the Doctor is stuck behind the chair, folding painfully over the seat of it.

[1:35:28 AM] Leah Allcorn: He pushes the Master over the chair, and he's just kinda lying on it?

[1:36:15 AM] Leah Allcorn: I imagined some fists flying, definitely

[1:36:34 AM] Leah Masterson: No, COLLIDES with him, bowling the chair over

[1:36:42 AM] Leah Masterson: He hasn't decided what to do yet

[1:36:46 AM] Leah Masterson: He;'s acting on instinct

[1:36:47 AM] Leah Allcorn: Hahaha

[1:37:00 AM] Leah Allcorn: I don't know what you mean by bowling the chair over TT__TT

[1:37:04 AM] Leah Allcorn: What kind of a chair is it?

[1:37:16 AM] Leah Masterson: Just...a four-legged one

[1:37:26 AM] Leah Masterson: He's got a proper office

[1:37:53 AM] Leah Masterson: Like, big wooden desk

[1:37:57 AM] Leah Masterson: That sort of deal

[1:38:01 AM] Leah Allcorn: Ok

[1:38:04 AM] Leah Allcorn: Picturing it

[1:38:06 AM] Leah Masterson: The Master turned his chair sideways to talk to the Doctor

[1:38:16 AM] Leah Allcorn: He's not standing?

[1:38:23 AM] Leah Masterson: No, he was really casual

[1:38:26 AM] Leah Masterson: Through the whole thing

[1:38:48 AM] Leah Masterson: Probably even had his feet up at the start

[1:38:54 AM] Leah Allcorn: I thought he'd definitely be standing. 'Cause the Doctor would be looking down at him and I'd imagine the Master would sunconsiously hate that. ANd he'd want a vantage point

[1:39:05 AM] Leah Allcorn: *subconsciously

[1:39:08 AM] Leah Allcorn: or whatever

[1:39:12 AM] Leah Masterson: He doesn't like it if the Doctor's over him

[1:39:20 AM] Leah Masterson: But the Doctor didn't even move past the doorway

[1:39:31 AM] Leah Masterson: And he wanted to look as much as possible like he could care less

[1:39:46 AM] Leah Allcorn: What'd he do when he said "Adric"?

[1:40:38 AM] Leah Masterson: His feet were down at that point, and he leaned forward with his arms on his legs

[1:40:44 AM] Leah Masterson: That was my mental image

[1:40:51 AM] Leah Allcorn: Yeah, I imagined that, once I knew he was sitting

[1:41:03 AM] Leah Allcorn: What happens AFTER the Doctor pushes him over?

[1:41:45 AM] Leah Masterson: So the chair tips backwards and the Master falls back and past it a bit, hitting his head while the Doctor collides with the underside of the chair.

[1:41:53 AM] Leah Masterson: There's another moment where they both don't do anything, and they're just breathing heavily.

[1:42:01 AM] Leah Masterson: And then they both try to lunge up

[1:42:33 AM] Leah Masterson: and the Doctor actually gets in a swing or two, one connecting with the side of the Master's face for sure

[1:46:11 AM] Leah Masterson: When he tries to keep punching, the Master grabs for his wrists, trying to get back into control but the Doctor twists out of his grip and yelling wordlessly again, slams him into the wall.

The Master gets the air driven out of him and the Doctor is still FURIOUS but he falters a bit at this point, again, not certain what to do

[1:46:27 AM] Leah Masterson: Which is of course the point that the Master knees him viciously in the groin

[1:46:32 AM] Leah Allcorn: OH

[1:46:35 AM] Leah Allcorn: Fuck, low man

[1:46:50 AM] Leah Allcorn: I can see the Doctor just tackling him then

[1:46:56 AM] Leah Allcorn: Since he wouldn't be able to do much else

[1:47:07 AM] Leah Allcorn: He'd be doubled over

[1:48:11 AM] Leah Allcorn: Like

[1:48:16 AM] Leah Allcorn: He's doubled over in pain

[1:49:06 AM] Leah Allcorn: And wouldn't be able to stand up straight, right. So he'd just kinda lunge, cause he wouldn't be able to do anything else. Otherwise, the Master would be able to take advantage of his vulnerability

[1:49:19 AM] Leah Allcorn: And hit him again

[1:49:23 AM] Leah Allcorn: If that was his intention

[1:50:03 AM] Leah Masterson: Oh, of course

[1:50:48 AM] Leah Allcorn: Well, I'd imagine if one got kneed in the groin, they wouldn't be able to get in any good fighting position, for punching or kicking, so he'd tackle his waist

[1:54:22 AM] Leah Masterson: So he kind of doubles over but he still manages to fall forward purposefully and, I imagine, shove and headbutt the Master into the wall again.

[1:54:38 AM] Leah Allcorn: Yeah

[1:54:45 AM] Leah Allcorn: Basically what I was imagining

[1:55:13 AM] Leah Masterson: Problem is, his face is now where the Master's knees are

[1:55:33 AM] Leah Allcorn: The Master can get the air knocked out of him even more

[1:55:46 AM] Leah Allcorn: He probably didn't full recover from the first time

[1:56:25 AM] Leah Allcorn: He could headbutt him, but immediately stubbled back

[1:56:27 AM] Leah Allcorn: Still doubled over

[1:56:35 AM] Leah Allcorn: But away from knees

[1:58:08 AM] Leah Masterson: The Doctor stumbles back and the Master is obviously making a concerted effort not to slide down the wall. It would be SO easy but he CAN'T.

[1:59:02 AM] Leah Allcorn: There would probably be a brief pause, cause they're both trying to pull themselves together

[1:59:15 AM] Leah Allcorn: And they'd recover at the same time

[1:59:28 AM] Leah Masterson: Right. But what happens then?

[1:59:30 AM] Leah Allcorn: Would they lunge again? Or just look at each other?

[1:59:37 AM] Leah Masterson: I think the latter

[1:59:37 AM] Leah Allcorn: Or someone would say something?

[1:59:45 AM] Leah Allcorn: Yeah

[1:59:50 AM] Leah Masterson: I think there would just be this staring thing

[2:00:09 AM] Leah Masterson: And neither one could look away

[2:00:15 AM] Leah Masterson: Because it would mean losing

[2:00:35 AM] Leah Masterson: The Master would have to speak first

[2:00:48 AM] Leah Masterson: because the Doctor wouldn't want to keep the conversation going

[2:00:53 AM] Leah Masterson: But the Master would need to

[2:01:15 AM] Leah Allcorn: What would it be? Would he, like... taunt him?

[2:01:31 AM] Leah Allcorn: Keep tormenting him?

[2:01:36 AM] Leah Allcorn: Or something else?

[2:01:50 AM] Leah Masterson: I....I'm trying.

[2:38:54 AM] Leah Masterson: "It's funny, really, Doctor," says the Master, almost light-heartedly, not breaking eye contact. "I hardly need to even do anything to you, really. Sooner or later you always sabotage yourself." He pauses, like he's thinking. "Of course," he says thoughtfully, "I don't know if poor Jamie can really APPRECIATE the humour at this point." He grins, suddenly, in amusement. "I mean, obviously ADRIC can't--"

[2:56:01 AM] Leah Masterson: The Doctor lunges again and pins the Master up against the wall, his hands at his neck. The Master meets the Doctor's eyes directly, not moving a muscle. "Do you intend to complete your genocide?"

The Doctor freezes and then recoils from the Master. "I'm NOT that sort of man," he spits out.

"Oh, pity," says the Master, taking his laser screwdriver out from his jacket and pointing it at the Doctor's head. "Because I am EXACTLY that sort of man. Time Lord. Whatever." He smiles happily again and the Doctor doesn't move, his expression doesn't change. "Well?" says the Master. "You've LOST, Doctor. I could kill you at any moment, and after all the trouble I've gone through I think I just MIGHT."

"Then do it," hisses the Doctor.

"What?" says the Master.

"If you're going to shoot me, then DO IT," the Doctor repeats. A little bit of uncertainty creeps into the Master's expression but he tries to cover it up.

"How sad," he says. "Do you finally feel like there's nothing to live for, like you deserve to die? It's the only rational response, really, after all you--"

"You can't, can you," says the Doctor and the Master is just SILENT.

[3:06:27 AM] Leah Masterson: "There are so many times you could've just killed me," says the Doctor. "So many opportunities you've had and you hold back, you pretend to yourself that it's the greater torture to me to see what you've done. When really, you're keeping me alive because you can't BEAR to think of what you'd do if I WASN'T there to watch you. You NEED me."

The Master is FURIOUS now and his hand is clenched around the laser screwdriver that he's still pointing at the Doctor but his hand is shaking slightly now.

The Doctor looks at it, his mouth a thin flat line and then puts his hands up and turns, presenting his body as a target. For thirty seconds they stand there, completely still except for the Master's trembling hand and then the Doctor puts his arms down and still looking directly at the Master says, "Looks like we really are the same."

And then he turns around, and with the Master still pointing his screwdriver at him, he leaves the room.

The Master stands like that for a while and then his arm falls to his side. Then, still staring straight ahead, his eyes wide, he lets himself slide down the wall and sit with his knees up to his chest, looking at nothing.


So, uh, now there's a BLOODY MASSIVE PLOT and the Doctor has left home and the Master is going to go fucking APESHIT and and....well, fuck guys, we thought this was a CRACK AU. Remember how I said Leah and I should stop our latenight talking? That still stands.
17th-Sep-2009 08:16 am (UTC)



17th-Sep-2009 06:35 pm (UTC)
That is AWESOME. Seriously, I love how intense this is getting.

Also, I think both of you have a future back-up career as fight coordinators. :-D

Also, I think the Doctor should go and stay with Alice because I want in on this plotline.
17th-Sep-2009 08:27 pm (UTC)
I remember the days when I couldn't write action. I am rather glad that those days seem to be over. Hooray for practise!
Also, I'm glad you liked it!
Alsoalso, I really need to write this into a proper fic at some point but realistically, that will never happen.
I'm still vaguely surprised that I wrote something serious.
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