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Malea Botor
29 August 1989
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I am a hoopy frood. Everyone wants to sass me.

Feel free to strike up a conversation. I am a huge Doctor Who fan although admittedly, I have been way more exposed to the New Version of the series than the Classic, if only due to lacking my own computer issues and not being able to hook up with friends who managed to download it. Living in Canada makes Doctor Who watching rather tedious.

I should also add this: I am open-minded. Honestly. If I friend you, it means I agree with at least more than 55% of what you think. And I won't pick fights with you over stuff we disagree on because honestly, what's the point?
I like everybody I've seen and fairly equally enough for it not to matter. I've seen a little bit of every Doctor and I hope to eventually see ALL of every Doctor.
I do like the emotional crap sometimes but as far as I can tell about myself, I'm mostly in it for the lulz. I think. I promise not to impress my views on you in a major way and if the fact that in New Who, I like Rose, Sarah Jane (yes, I DO know her old stuff), Martha and Donna is an issue and you don't want to see fangirling of them, I restrict it to my journal. So don't friend me back.
BUT the most important thing is that I don't CARE what you think. Everyone's entitled to their own opinions. Really. Honestly. If you think Steven Moffat/RTD is the WORST WRITER EVER, or that Rose/Martha/Donna is a bitch/Mary Sue who doesn't deserve to be a part of the program or even that the show started sucking after the Doctor got a backstory (somewhere during Two, I think) I don't mind. I may not agree but if I friend you then there is something else that you DO like that I like.
I mean, cripes, it may not even BE Doctor Who. It might be the Mighty Boosh. Or Terry Pratchett. Or you're just cool.
Alternatively, if you friend ME, I'd prefer not to have any fights but I'm open to your opinions.
I am writing this on so little sleep. I think I've used the words 'open' and 'opinion' about fifty times.

While ranting and tired, I forgot the most important bit. This is: I love all the Companions and the Doctors but the Master wins. Hands down. Absolute favourite. If you hate him then I don't know what we'll talk about.

Anyway, the point is, I'd like to keep this friendly. And I'd like to be friendly.
Hi! I'm Leah! I ship just about everything! Show me something new!

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